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Hometown Christmas - Mrs. Claus's Market
5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Event Description
During the evening of the Hometown Christmas celebration, the lower level of the Community Building Complex is transformed into a holiday market.  If you are interested in participating in this magical event, registration must be completed and payment received no later than Wednesday, December 1st. 

Mrs. Claus’s Market Vendor Rules and Regulations
* All vendors for Hometown Christmas must have their registration accepted and the registration fee paid.
* The vendor shall keep his or her equipment for transportation and display area sanitary, clean, and free of debris at all times with adequate protection against contamination.  All vendors must supply their own equipment to remove waste from their area.  The vendor must clean each area before departing.
* Vendors must supply their own tables, extension cords and other miscellaneous display items needed.
* Vendors may arrive as early as 2 pm to begin setting up.  Vendors must be set up and ready to sell by the opening of the Festival (5 pm).
* Vendors must adhere to their assigned spaces.
* All labels must comply with all applicable state and federal standards for labeling.
* No unwholesome or spoiled foods may be offered for sale.
* No hawking or crying out will be permitted.
* All vendors will man their spaces at all times and conduct themselves in a courteous manner. 
* Each vendor shall be solely responsible to collect and pay, as required by law, the applicable sales tax payable to and collected by the Illinois Department of Revenue.
* Compliance with all Health Department, City of Belvidere, state and federal regulations.
Enforcement of the rules:
Vendors who occupy the spaces at this festival must at all times conform to the Rules and Regulations listed above.  The Chamber has the authority to enforce all rules and regulations of the festival.  In submitting an application for a space at the festival, each applicant agrees to be bound by decision of the Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce and further agrees that the decision of the Chamber shall be final.  Upon refusal to abide by the determination of the Chamber, the permit shall, at the sole and exclusive discretion of the Chamber, be null and void.
Vendor Participation and Definition:
Vendors are those persons offering for sale, (1) articles for human consumption or (2) small business retail items.  Several vendors may join together to sell each other’s products.
*Market contact: Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce  404 S. State St,  Belvidere, IL 61008.  Ph: 815-544-4357, E-mail: info@BelvidereChamber.com