Event Registration - Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce
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2022 Annual Chamber Chili Cookoff
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Event Description
We are very excited to bring back this event.  Each competitor should bring their best chili to be sampled by all and judged by a few. 

Did you grow some mean ghost peppers this summer?  Toss them in!  Maybe you have the most incredible vegan chili around?  Wonderful, let's try it!  Do you make an incredible brisket and that is your secret ingredient?  We can't wait to taste it!  Serving it Cincinnati style?  Great!  I love spaghetti!

The Belvidere Fire department is our current reigning champion and is looking for some strong competition.  

We will be utilizing the main floor of the Community Building Complex.  As you complete the registration, you will select your booth.  One 10x10 booth is $100, if you would like a larger space, you may register for multiple booths. 
  • If you are considering serving alcohol in your booth, contact the Chamber for compliance rules and regulations! Booths not in compliance will be shut down!
  • You can decorate your area from 1:00pm-5:00pm on the day of the event.
  • Bring your chili pre-heated! Roasters/ Crock Pots draw too many amps causing circuits to shut-off, creating inconveniences to others.
  • Bring a 50’ extension cord for your roaster. It may be needed to reach the main power bank. You are responsible for any additional cords needed.
  • Do Not use Duct or Packaging Tape on walls or floors! (Use Blue or General Purpose Masking tape only.)
  • We will provide sampling bowls, spoons, paper towels, a table, and a chair. You are responsible for ladles and condiments for your chili.
  • Take leftover chili with you. Do Not place in Trash Receptacles or Kitchen sinks!
  • Participants serving alcohol without proper compliance will be immediately shut down! We must adhere to the Illinois Liquor Laws for everyone’s protection.
  • The event starts at 5:00pm (Judging will start at approximately 5:30pm)
The winner will be congratulated on Social Media.

Call the Chamber 815-544-4357 with any additional questions.